Thursday, October 25, 2012

Up on the farm.

Aunt Lin invited us up to the farm on Sunday for Cider Fest. To understand the scope of this, first you must know how big Uncle Pete's family is. He has twelve siblings and most of them live in the immediate area surrounding Diemand Farm. On this particular occasion, they were all getting together to make fresh farm apple cider. They had stations set up: washing the apples, fixing the apples (cutting out any bruises or bad spots), grinding the apples, pressing the apples, filtering the liquid, and finally loading up the finished cider. It was quite the production.

That's my cousin in the black hoodie. Here, they are dumping the apples through the grinder while Phoebe turns the crank to press the juice out. They gave us each a glass and I can easily say it was the best cider I've ever tasted.

Meanwhile, there were half a dozen small children running around having a blast. My aunt made a pumpkin man (with Josh's help). Then my uncle took us on a hay ride.
A good time was had by all. I'm always a little intimidated by the Diemand clan, for they outnumber my family by about a factor of ten, but they are kind and welcoming, hardworking and fun-loving. And, really, they're my family too.

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