Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The important things in life.

Moving home to Massachusetts meant a lot to me. Josh knew that from the start and he always promised he'd bring me back someday. After I graduated from college this summer and he lost his job, it seemed like a good time to make the leap. So here we are! Staying with my parents until we can get settled. It's not ideal, but everyone is making do. I absolutely love being back home, but I worry a lot about Josh and whether or not he's happy. I know he feels a little lost and a little stressed and probably a lot homesick. But under all that, I think he's okay. I just hope he finds a job soon, for his own mental well being more than anything. I have faith that he'll find his place here and soon this will feel like his home too.

We had lunch with my grandmother and my cousin today. It's little things like that I missed so badly living in Ohio. We went to the Four Leaf Clover in Bernardston, one of my favorite restaurants. Their lobster roll is to die for. The soup is amazing. Even the coffee is excellent. Sorry, I got distracted by food. The point is I got to spend a random afternoon with my family and that's why I wanted so desperately to come home. Yes, I feel rejuvenated by the sight of the mountain range in the backyard. Yes, I feel comforted by the crazy liberal hippies with the bumper stickers all over their cars. But mostly, I'm just happy to be near my family. And I'm so grateful to my husband for making that happen.

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